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Something about me

Hi, I’m Hayley Skelton-Bayley - A teacher, a student and slightly obsessed with Yoga. I believe Yoga should be accessible to everyone, as I truly see the benefits of its practice. I see a world where Yoga unites us all and excludes no one . . .But in the beginning I thought it was all about exercise (bad Hayley!).

Throughout my life I have been physically active. At a younger age I practiced ballet, tap dancing and gymnastics. During Primary & Secondary School I was Sports Captain and was involved with all sports including, hockey, netball, orienteering, swimming and athletics. I enjoyed the camaraderie, competitiveness, fitness and adrenaline rush, as well as being part of a team. It was always important to me even back then, that everyone got an opportunity in being involved.  I loved it.

Later on, in life I got into running and ran my first half marathon in Lake Garda and went on to run these distances at The Great North Run in Newcastle and Warrington Half Marathons. The stretching after the runs lead me to Yoga.

I started practising Yoga in 2014 and along the way I started to learn more about the fundamentals of Yoga practice and it gave me a taste to learn more. In 2018 I enrolled on a 200-hour Teacher Training course at Yoga Campus in Manchester, I qualified in 2020 which gave me the foundations to teach Yoga. I feel honoured and blessed to have been taught by Jane CraggsJill Amison, Fabiano Culora, Amanda Latchmore and Graham Burns

As I believe that Yoga is for everyone I decided to learn how to make this a possibility and went on to qualify as Special Yoga teacher, for children with additional needs. I totally embrace how Special Yoga actually is for everyone, regardless of your culture, gender, race or any assumptions society has placed on anyone, just as it should be.

I am proud to be a Yoga teacher and honour its deep roots and I will continue to deepen my spiritual journey along the way, sharing with you my love, passion and ability to make it accessible for everyone, not forgetting to bridge the gap between thinking Yoga was just an exercise class to knowing it is a journey to a better life!

I am now a Reiki 2 attuned practitioner, which means my energetic pathways have been opened, allowing reiki energy to flow freely through my body to help the impact of my own health and others. Reiki is a truly powerful and spiritual experience.

I love to teach Yoga, either at home in my own Sattva Sanctuary, in studios, gyms, corporate offices, on Zoom, in the open air and on Yoga Retreats!

Step on to your mat and let me take you on a journey, to find out more about yourself and what you need to help you grow.

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